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Sky and The Moon is a deadstock only focused brand. A collaboration between two women living a highly conscious life - a mutual love and honor of Mother Earth and all her living beings, a mutual feeling of a much needed change in the fashion industry and a mutual fondness of high quality clothing and one of a kind pieces that are eco-responsible, artisan produced, and ethically manufactured.




We founded Sky and The Moon in early 2020 during the midst of a new world order. The timing was not ideal. Or so it felt. We felt we were drowning in a sea of consumerism, fast fashion, production waste, chemicals, and bad human decisions. We knew we wanted something else. We knew we wanted the feeling of allowing joy and passion and pleasure through this crisis. And we wanted this to be our core value. We wanted to create a truly meaning full wardrobe that was a reflection of how we know, love and see women. We wanted to be a part of a new change to the better. We wanted beautifully constructed designs with versatile and timeless details made with quality materials. 


At the same time we didn’t want to contribute to the madness and devastating consequences of overproduction. We live a highly conscious life so we had many thoughts in the process of making sure that we could do this aligned with our personal philosophy and with the deepest respect for nature.

We proudly present our 100% sustainable brand made only by DEADSTOCK. Using deadstock fabric means we save tons of beautiful leftover fabric from being shipped to landfills and burned. We work with factories, artisans, tailors and cleaners to bring life back to beautiful fabrics and vintage one of a kind pieces that are unique and already exist and therefore don't require any waste to produce. There's no greater expression of personal style than a piece that you won't see anywhere else. We can sometimes only produce five or even just one dress in a certain fabric. You will own that truly special dress made just for you with love and care for every little detail.


You can also be sure that we scout the four corners of the globe to find stunning quality fabrics. We are in close contact with our manufacturers to ensure proper work conditions all along the supply chain and proper quality as well. Sustainability and good quality also means that these pieces can be passed on to next generations.

We want you to love Sky and The Moon because we are a luxury and a one of a kind brand, but also because there's more to it than that. We make giving back a big bart of our core brand value. We work with certain foundations, women artists, models and creatives to make life as prosperous as possible for us all.


We don't wrap or deliver any styles in plastic bags. We only use recycled cotton for our tote bags. Our note cards, shipping labels, and stickers are recycled paper. 

We are here for you!

Love, Anja & Emily - Co-Founders

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