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· We care about this world and Sky and the moon is created to help other women see that even small choices are a great start for you to participate and be a part of the sustainable fashion movement

· Uniqueness straight to you by making a sustainable choice !!

· Dreamy & daring dresses in deadstock

· Divine, dreamy, diverse and daring dresses

· Your stylish lifestyle community of impact and impression


Each Sky and the Moon dress tells a story. A story that is so unique because you become a part of a bigger movement. It invited you into an amazing universe of passionate Love

for design, creativity, music, art and sustainability. All our styles are individual constructed to enhance versatility and the beauty of good design. Throughout the year we gather inspiration from all over the world to stay fresh and also to inspire our customers to evolve with us in this amazing slow fashion movement

Sky and the Moon started with a passion and a desire to create a meaning full wardrobe.

My friend and I wanted to create beautifully constructed designs with versatile and timeless details. At the same time, we didn’t want to contribute to the madness and devastating consequences of overproduction. - We both live a conscious life so we had many thoughts in the process to make sure we could do this aligned with our personal philosophy with respect for Mother Earth. After 1 1/2 year it all made sense, and we got our mission and vision right. -

Today we are proudly launching a 100 precent sustainable brand made only by DEADSTOCK . Our style is everything Else but boring, we Love print, Metallic, Lace so that feeling together with fierce feminine styles that Can be styled both sexy, classic or bohemian depending on your mood.

Using only deadstock means we save tons of beautiful leftover fabric from being burned, which causes so much pollution. But it also means that sometimes we only have 5 dresses in a certain fabric so people have to

Hurry up, but we feel that's exactly what makes Sky and the Moon so special, not everyone has the same dress as you …

So, few styles but in many different and stunning fabrics

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