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For every Sky and the Moon item you buy, we donate 10$ to this amazing non profit organization.


We choose to support DESIGNERS WITHOUT BORDERS as their ideology is aligned with the values of Sky and the Moon. We believe in sustainability and empowering women through education and inspiration. 


Here are some of their main focus points that we Love about this organisation:

  • They turn fashion waste into projects that empower youth and women. 

  • They believe that girls and women are critical agents of change.

  • They believe that investing in girls and women is a force multiplier, and can be a powerful catalyst for development.

  • They consider their focus on girls and women to be ‘positive discrimination’.

  • They focus particularly on non-formal education through skills development and social entrepreneurship training for youth and women living in poor, rural communities in South Africa. 


Go to to know more about their amazing project, become a member or learn about other ways to support. 

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