Sky and The Moon is a Society and a Movement! We're holding your hand in the process of becoming a conscious consumer. It can be a little daunting but we've got your back. 

For every Sky and The Moon piece you buy you rescue from 2 to 8 meters of beautiful fabric from being destroyed, which directly impacts our climate in a positive way. You are still helping to maintain work for people depending on the fashion industry for their livelihood.

We're supporting real people. We care a lot about people and brands who's working for a better future. When you shop Sky and The Moon a certain proceed will always go towards a good cause. Read about this months organisation here.  


Slow fashion is the buzzword as the world moves towards a sustainable lifestyle with a close to zero-waste strategy. While we won't expect you to completely change the way you’ve been shopping, we hope that we can inspire you with the choices we made with

Sky and The Moon. 


























Deadstock fabric is leftover fabric from other fashion companies. Usually fabrics are laying around in stock houses for years and years only waiting to go to landfills for the purpose of eventually being burned. This process is responsible for heavy amounts of co2 emission going into our atmosphere having a direct impact on climate change. In Hong Kong more than 250 tons of deadstock fabric is sent to landfills on a daily basis. In the US alone, over 11 million tons of deadstock fabric is sent to landfills each year.

All our fabrics are handpicked deadstock fabric rescued from being destroyed. We focus on using natural fiber fabrics in our production for the benefit of your personal health. A really cool feature with deadstock fabric is that it contains less chemicals, as it has often evaporated after laying on stock for many years. 













When it comes down to using deadstock fabric in a production it's a challenging process. Not many factories are interested in working with these often very limited quantities. It requires dedication and an appreciation of the values that goes hand in hand with this way of producing garments.



We never turn down a high quality fabric so sometimes a certain fabric only consists of 7 meters, which means only one dress can be made. This is what we find so amazing and satisfying! That we are able to offer you one of a kind pieces that are 100% unique and sustainable. We are simply not taking part in the extractive and exploitative practices of the conventional textile industry. All of our styles are made of 100 % handpicked deadstock fabric produced by factories that focuses on the sustainable way. All of our cut outs and left over fabrics are being saved for future projects. We also only use deadstock zippers and treads. 






































All of our labels are printed on recycled cotton with natural color print.Our Hangtags are printed on recycled paper only. We don't receive our styles in single plastic bags as conventional textile brands normally do from their manufactory. We found our own way, all of our styles are either rolled and connected with a single deadstock cotton thread. Or gathered together on top of each other, and the packed together in a big recycled polybag. We only use 100% RECYCLED POLY MAILER bags.


Every single piece in our collection is constructed with an eye on every little detail. A really good fit will determine whether you'll hold on to a piece for years and years. One of our major aims is constructing our designs to be versatile and useful throughout the day and for different occasions. With a huge respect for Mother Earth, sustainability is embedded into every part of the creation of our styles. From the actual design process, to sourcing deadstock materials, earth friendly packaging and to the people we work with, we strive to make only sustainable decisions.